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The History

OpenNaaS is the outcome of the Mantychore FP7 project and was born with the goal of creating an open source software project community that allows several stakeholders to contribute and benefit from a common NaaS software stack.

The following institutions were partners in the Mantychore FP7 project. Currently i2CAT is the main and more active contributor while the other partners have continued supporting OpenNaaS activity:

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  • DeIC_logo
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  • Telefónica I+D
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The Community

OpenNaaS is open source and driven by the needs of its community. Whether you are a service or an infrastructure provider, a user, a service provider or an application developer, make it the tool tailored to your requirements!

OpenNaaS users

In the following you find a list of OpenNaaS users, each of which will add value to the platform, primarily in implementing new resources and capabilities!

  • ofertie_logo

    OFERTIE is a 24 month project funded by the EC FP7 programme, which aims to use software-defined networking (SDN) approaches to improve delivery of an emerging class of distributed applications for the Future Internet known as Real-Time Online Interactive Applications (ROIA).

  • content-logo-new-1

    CONTENT will focus on developing a next generation ubiquitous converged network infrastructure to support the network of the future. The infrastructure model proposed will be based on the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) paradigm and will aim at providing a technology platform interconnecting geographically distributed computational resources that can support a variety of Cloud and mobile Cloud services.

  • sodales_logo

    The SOftware-Defined Access using Low-Energy Subsystems (SODALES) project aims to develop a novel wireless access interconnection service that offers transparent transport services (syncE based) for fixed and mobile subscribers to support 10Gbps fixed access and LTE and beyond radio technologies on a convergent network architecture.

  • GEANT logo

    GÉANT3+ focused on how to design the next GÉANT and NREN network architecture. One of the R&I activities was the “Naas, virtualization and NS developments”. This task focused on shaping innovative service offerings on behalf of GÉANT and the NRENs based upon the Network as a Service by proposing novel network functionalities and features based on OpenNaaS platform. (NaaS) concept.

  • CYCLONE Logo

    Application service providers (ASPs) now develop, deploy, and maintain complex computing platforms within multiple cloud infrastructures to improve resilience, responsiveness and elasticity of their applications. The CYCLONE project targets the ASPs, providing them with software and tools that 1) facilitate the deployment, management, and use of their complex, multi-cloud applications. OpenNaaS contributes to CYCLONE aiming to bring network virtualized solution in Cloud federated and distributed environments.

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