The type of download you want will depend on whether you are planning on using OpenNaaS or participating in the development of OpenNaaS.


For those you simple want to get up and running, find below three types of downloads. The Windows Installer will allow you to run OpenNaaS on your Windows system after a few simple steps.

Just download OpenNaaS and follow the instructions in the Getting Started section.


Alternatively, you can get the source code from the public repository and build from scratch. You will need Maven 3 and Git installed.


You will find the stable version on the default (master) branch, which is usually updated everytime a release is published.

On Linux and Mac type:

git clone git://

For Windows, instructions vary depending on the client you are using (if you use GitBash, the command will be exactly as above). Just use the URL above with anonymous access. Github’s help section is an excellent resource with instructions for several platforms.

Once this is setup, you can get latest updates by running:

mvn clean
git pull

Go into the project root and build:

cd opennaas/
mvn install

You will find the compiled OpenNaaS distribution target inside:

cd platform/target/


If you don’t care so much about stability or simple want to get latest’s developments and fixes, move into the development branch. Just checkout the code as you would with master, but type the following before build:

cd opennaas/
git checkout develop

mvn install

In case the build is broken, or you would like to skip tests for a faster build, just type:

mvn install -DskipTests

As in master, you can get latest updates by running:

mvn clean
git pull