OpenNaaS 0.28 released!

The OpenNaaS development team is happy to announce the release 0.28 of OpenNaaS!

In the context of GÉANt3+ Joint Research Activity 2 (JRA2-T2) F2F meeting in i2CAT premises at Barcelona (Spain) celebrated on 31st of March and 1st of April 2014, we have created 3 new capabilities of router resources. A new action set implementation has been developed for each capability for Juniper Junos EX series switches.

  • Link aggregation capability

This new capability offers the ability of creating aggregated links based on the  IEEE 802.3ad standard.

  • VLAN Bridging capability

This capability offers the ability of creating VLAN Bridge domains, or layer 2 domains based on VLANs.

  • Layer 3 VLAN capability

This capability complements the previous one, assigning Layer 3 IP address to a VLAN Bridge Domain.

Besides Static Route capability has been updated offering setting new option, preference.

I addition to this changes, we have improved and solved some bugs in the Windows installer allowing correct installation and uninstallation processes.

In the following, you find the complete list of changes, together with instructions for getting and using the release. It includes both versions, 0.28 and the internal one, 0.27.

Release Notes – OpenNaaS – Version OpenNaaS 0.28


  • [OPENNAAS-1357] – ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in cxf-dosgi-ri-discovery-local related with NCLMonitoring
  • [OPENNAAS-1358] – NullPointerException in RouteSelectionLogic
  • [OPENNAAS-1367] – NCL doesn’t support requests only specifying one of MIN or MAX of a QoS parameter.


Technical task

Version 0.27 was an internal release mainly offering multi-domain support for European Union FP7 Ofertie project.

Release Notes – OpenNaaS – Version OpenNaaS 0.27


  • [OPENNAAS-1134] – OpenNaaS-sdn-network feature does not start in a clean environment


  • [OPENNAAS-1313] – Separate Generic Network Actionsets implementations with its actions


Technical task

  • [OPENNAAS-1162] – Test for OPENNAAS-1155 using WS
  • [OPENNAAS-1180] – Test for OPENNAAS-1176 using WS
  • [OPENNAAS-1233] – Define topology related classes
  • [OPENNAAS-1234] – Topology XML serialization and deserialization
  • [OPENNAAS-1235] – NetTopology capability
  • [OPENNAAS-1236] – Load topology from file at capability startup
  • [OPENNAAS-1237] – Copy current OFNetwork to GenericNetwork
  • [OPENNAAS-1243] – Create Circuit classes in GenericNetwork model
  • [OPENNAAS-1245] – CircuitAggregation capability for GenericNetwork resource
  • [OPENNAAS-1246] – Call AggregationCapability in NCLProvisionerCapability
  • [OPENNAAS-1247] – getRequestedCircuits method in NCLProvisionerCapability
  • [OPENNAAS-1251] – Change NetworkSelector logic to load network id from file
  • [OPENNAAS-1253] – Change NCLProvisioner logic to only delegate to NCLProvisionerCapability
  • [OPENNAAS-1255] – Create extended Request to be used in NCLProvisionerCapab storing L2Port in Source and Destination
  • [OPENNAAS-1256] – Create PathFinder capability delegating to driver
  • [OPENNAAS-1257] – Copy PathFinder logic into PathFinding Capability driver
  • [OPENNAAS-1258] – Each pathfinder capability load rules and matches from different files
  • [OPENNAAS-1259] – Copy current NCLProvisioner logic to new capability.
  • [OPENNAAS-1261] – Create circuit factory logic (input data: Route, Request; output data: Circuit)
  • [OPENNAAS-1265] – Update NetworkStatisticsCapability to only use information of devices in this network
  • [OPENNAAS-1269] – Create NCLMonitoringCapabilityFactory
  • [OPENNAAS-1270] – Create NCLMonitoringCapability with logic in NCLMonitor
  • [OPENNAAS-1274] – Update congested alarms to additionally store resourceId of the network that generates the event.
  • [OPENNAAS-1275] – Update NCLProvisionerCapability to filter congestion alarms related to his network.
  • [OPENNAAS-1276] – Create bidirectional map between portIds in the network model
  • [OPENNAAS-1277] – Create TopologyFiles for OFERTIE
  • [OPENNAAS-1278] – Create route files for OFERTIE
  • [OPENNAAS-1279] – Create Map storing implementation for each circuit in the model
  • [OPENNAAS-1282] – Integration Test for NCLMonitoringCapability
  • [OPENNAAS-1283] – Integration test for CircuitProvisioningCapability with both drivers.
  • [OPENNAAS-1284] – Integration test of NCLPovisionerCapability
  • [OPENNAAS-1285] – Modify integration tests.
  • [OPENNAAS-1286] – Integration test for network topology.
  • [OPENNAAS-1291] – Implement aggregation logic
  • [OPENNAAS-1314] – Extend matching policy for request and routes
  • [OPENNAAS-1317] – Load Mapping between topology port IDs and per-device port IDs


Linux – opennaas-0.28.tar.gz – 82 MB

Windows – – 82 MB

Windows installer – opennaas-0.28_installer.exe – 80 MB

You can get more information on download or getting the source code in the OpenNaaS download page.

Documentation and user support

Please check the existing documentation in the OpenNaaS documentation page.

Don’t hesitate to use our mailing lists if you need support.

Bug reporting

In case you find a bug, you can issue a bug ticket directly at:!default.jspa

The OpenNaaS development team hopes you enjoy the new functionalities. Looking forward to hearing from you!