OpenNaaS 0.25 released!

The OpenNaaS development team is pleased to announce the release 0.25 of the OpenNaaS solution!

This release introduces OpenFlow network monitoring capabilities and enhances the API to manipulate flows in the network. The logic of the NCL component was significantly expanded and it is now able to detect port congestion and automatically reallocate affected circuits.

We hope all of you find it useful, especially our colleagues in the OFERTIE FP7 project!

Enjoy it!

In the following, you find the complete list of changes, together with instructions for getting and using the release.

Release Notes – OpenNaaS – Version OpenNaaS 0.25


  • [OPENNAAS-1145] – PDU Resource Powernet Capability has some example classes from Sample Resource
  • [OPENNAAS-1159] – Send correct priority value to floodlight
  • [OPENNAAS-1171] – Ignore ip addresses, transport port, and ToS values given in FlowRequest when creating SDNNetworkFlows
  • [OPENNAAS-1172] – Don’t show Floodlight default values, convert to null
  • [OPENNAAS-1218] – ResourceManager getResourceTypes REST call error
  • [OPENNAAS-1221] – ProtocolSessionManager WS not published when reloading resources



  • [OPENNAAS-1101] – Expose complete OFERTIE NCL Provisioner API to manage flows in a network of OpenFlow switches
  • [OPENNAAS-1155] – Support createOpenflowForwardingRule with flow matching IP addresses in OpenFlowSwitch controlled by floodlight
  • [OPENNAAS-1157] – Support multiple flows per FlowRequest
  • [OPENNAAS-1176] – Support createOpenflowForwardingRule with flow matching IP addresses and ToS in OpenFlowSwitch controlled by floodlight
  • [OPENNAAS-1177] – Allocate most specific flow given a FlowRequest
  • [OPENNAAS-1193] – Get Monitoring information in a per OFSwitch basis
  • [OPENNAAS-1200] – Monitor links in the network and rise alarms when throughput is near link capacity
  • [OPENNAAS-1201] – Auto-reroute a flow when a link is congestioned.
  • [OPENNAAS-1202] – Route selection aware of link congestion

Technical task

  • [OPENNAAS-1098] – Implement removeFlow method in NCLProvisioner
  • [OPENNAAS-1099] – Implement updateFlow method in NCLProvisioner
  • [OPENNAAS-1167] – Test CreateOFForwardingAction fails if given priority is greater than floodlight max
  • [OPENNAAS-1168] – Check given priority is in floodlight valid range and fail if not in CreateOFForwardingAction (in checkParams method)
  • [OPENNAAS-1181] – ITest for OPENNAAS-1177 using WS
  • [OPENNAAS-1182] – Modify NCLController interface to accept SDNNetworkFlow as parameter in allocateFlow().
  • [OPENNAAS-1183] – Implement flowRequest-to-SDNNetworkFlow transformation logic
  • [OPENNAAS-1184] – Implement flowRequest – SDNNetworkFlow relationship
  • [OPENNAAS-1199] – Update allocateFlow method in NCLProvisioner to return 201 with flowId in Location HTTP header
  • [OPENNAAS-1203] – Update NCL monitoring to mark links as congestioned or not before rising alarms.
  • [OPENNAAS-1205] – Pathfinder discards routes using congestioned links
  • [OPENNAAS-1206] – Pathfinder selects routes matching IPs and ToS value.
  • [OPENNAAS-1207] – NCLMonitoring implementation rising alarms
  • [OPENNAAS-1210] – SDNNetwork capability with port statistics info
  • [OPENNAAS-1213] – NCLProvisioner listens for congestion threshold exceeded alarms and launches rerouteFlow
  • [OPENNAAS-1214] – NCLProvisioner reads value of auto-reroute option from a config file.
  • [OPENNAAS-1215] – Implement rerouteFlow in NCLProvisioner
  • [OPENNAAS-1216] – Provision flows starting from the end and remove starting from the beginning.
  • [OPENNAAS-1217] – Create shared NCL model


This release is affected by following bug: OPENNAAS-1223
Which has already been fixed in release 0.25.1. Please use 0.25.1 instead of 0.25.
Following download links will lead you to the fixed version.


Linux – opennaas-0.25.1.tar.gz (81MB)

Windows – (82MB)

You can get more information on download or getting the source code in the OpenNaaS download page.

Documentation and user support

Please check the existing documentation in the OpenNaaS documentation page.

Don’t hesitate to use our mailing lists if you need support.

Bug reporting

In case you find a bug, you can issue a bug ticket directly at:!default.jspa

The OpenNaaS development team hopes you enjoy the new functionalities. Looking forward to hearing from you!