New netconf4j 0.0.6 release

We are proud to announce netconf4j version 0.0.6 is released!

These lasts months we have been working hard on the netconf4j project expanding its functionalities and resolving bugs.

New functionalities

This is a Juniper Networks proprietary extension to Netconf and is identified in the capabilities exchange by the URI This operation is only supported in Netconf sessions on Juniper Networks devices running the Junos OS. More information can be found here.

  • Support for server implementations

The library now allows to model server side use cases, parsing reply and error Netconf messages and providing factories for them. With these new functionality it is easy to develop a Netconf server for any purpose. We developed a Netconf Test Server that can be configured with predefined messages. If you want to take at look, it is publicly available in the DANA i2cat GitHub repository.

  • OSGi Apache Karaf feature support

The library now is available as Apache Karaf feature. It can be imported easily in any OSGi Apache Karaf instance using the feature netconf4j and this Maven repository:


The new feature encapsulates all the project dependencies.


  • Improved network reading performance. Go to the code.
  • Parsing software-information query type. Go to the code.
  • Many other minor improvements.

Bugs solved

 Thanks go to Jay Camp and Kelly Bird from NetCitadel for their effort of improving the library. They added new functionalities, improved existing ones and solved many bugs.