OpenNaaS 0.24 released

The OpenNaaS development team is pleased to announce the release of version 0.24.1 of the OpenNaaS solution. This version is the second iteration of new and exciting functionalities that are part of the OFERTIE FP7 project. Which include the possibility to read and delete already allocated flows.

Apart from the new functionality, an internal upgrade resulted in a significant reduction of the release size which is now near 80MB!

Following you will find the complete list of changes, together with instructions for getting and using the release.

Release changes 0.24.1:


  • [OPENNAAS-1115] – Platform distribution can not load offline because of missing bundle in the local repo
  • [OPENNAAS-1132] – OpenNaaS binary executable in ‘bin/’ folder have no executable permissions


  • [OPENNAAS-1135] – Update SDNNetwork implementation
  • [OPENNAAS-1141] – Upgrade Servicemix version to 4.5.2 (last stable release)


  • [OPENNAAS-1058] – As a user I want to get the forwarding rules an OpenFlow Switch has
  • [OPENNAAS-1059] – As a user I want to delete forwarding rules from an OpenFlow switch
  • [OPENNAAS-1061] – As a user I want to delete flows in a network of multiple OpenFlow switches
  • [OPENNAAS-1125] – As a user I want to load my existing sdnnetwork routes by a XML file
  • [OPENNAAS-1138] – As a user I want to deallocate a flow using the NCL Provisioner Layer API
  • [OPENNAAS-1142] – As a user I want route selection to allow different routes in requests with same ToS value.
  • [OPENNAAS-1146] – As a user I want to get allocated flows in an sdn network.
  • [OPENNAAS-1147] – As a user I want to get alocated flows using the NCL provisioner API

Technical task

  • [OPENNAAS-1114] – Implement OpenflowForwardingActionSet.GETFLOWS Action in OFForwardingActionsetImplementation
  • [OPENNAAS-1116] – Implement removeOpenflowForwardingRule method of OpenFlowForwardingCapability
  • [OPENNAAS-1117] – Implement removeOpenflowForwardingRule action
  • [OPENNAAS-1118] – Update deallocateOFFlow method of OFProvisioningNetworkCapability
  • [OPENNAAS-1119] – Implement deallocateFlow action for internal actionset.
  • [OPENNAAS-1123] – Update getForwardingRules method
  • [OPENNAAS-1124] – Update createForwardingRule action
  • [OPENNAAS-1126] – Create a sample XML file containing different routes
  • [OPENNAAS-1127] – Implement PathFinderLoader
  • [OPENNAAS-1128] – Modify PathFinderMockup
  • [OPENNAAS-1129] – Implement deserializer for FloodlightOFFlow class
  • [OPENNAAS-1130] – Implement refresh method of the OpenflowForwardingCapability
  • [OPENNAAS-1131] – Update createForwardingRule method
  • [OPENNAAS-1136] – Update NetworkConnection model class
  • [OPENNAAS-1137] – Update allocateFlow capability method
  • [OPENNAAS-1139] – Implement deallocate method in the NCL Provisioner
  • [OPENNAAS-1140] – Implement deallocateFlow method in the NCLController


Linux – opennaas-0.24.1.tar.gz (81MB)

Windows – (82MB)

You can get more information on download or getting the source code in the OpenNaaS download page.

Documentation and user support

Please check the existing documentation in the OpenNaaS documentation page.

Don’t hesitate to use our mailing lists if you need support.

Bug reporting

In case you find a bug, you can issue a bug ticket directly at:!default.jspa

The OpenNaaS development team hopes you enjoy the new functionalities. Looking forward to hearing from you!