OpenNaaS 0.20 released

The OpenNaaS development team is proud to announce the OpenNaaS 0.20 release.

During this period of time, the development team had three main goals:

  • add security at vCPE level and modify the web client for delegating permissions
  • modifications in the integration of the marketplace (WP6)
  • improvements and correction of bugs

Demarcation for UC2 is fully satisfied with this release and the GUI has been modified in order to set the users that would have access to each side of the vCPE network.

There were also some bugs and improvements reported that have been solved or updated, in order to have a more user-friendly environment and setup.

Following you will find the complete list of changes, together with instructions for getting and using the release.

Release Notes – OpenNaaS – Version OpenNaaS 0.20


  • [OPENNAAS-939] – VRRP
  • [OPENNAAS-999] – Edit IPs page not visible to clients
  • [OPENNAAS-1000] – Re-using name for vCPE fails even though previous instance is deleted
  • [OPENNAAS-1001] – Error building SP-VCPE: Invalid parameters for action configureVRRP


  • [OPENNAAS-14] – Configure IPv4/IPv6 addresses on physical router interfaces
  • [OPENNAAS-15] – Configure IPv4/IPv6 addresses on logical router interfaces
  • [OPENNAAS-945] – As a user I want to assign more than one IP adress to my Interface.
  • [OPENNAAS-960] – I want a basic ACL engine in OpenNaaS
  • [OPENNAAS-965] – As an opennas user I want to manipulate ACL list
  • [OPENNAAS-974] – I want ResourceManager to filter resources by READ permission
  • [OPENNAAS-977] – As an administrator I want to have security at vCPE level

Technical task

  • [OPENNAAS-887] – Adaptator for VNetworkMappingCapability and already existing algorithm.
  • [OPENNAAS-890] – Tests for adaptator
  • [OPENNAAS-928] – Configure Spring Security to use ACLs
  • [OPENNAAS-946] – Create addIPAddress method in IPCapability.
  • [OPENNAAS-947] – Create removeIPAddress in IPCapability.
  • [OPENNAAS-948] – Create addIPAddress command.
  • [OPENNAAS-949] – Create removeIPAddress command
  • [OPENNAAS-950] – Create addIPAddress action
  • [OPENNAAS-951] – Create removeIPAddress action
  • [OPENNAAS-952] – Update IPInterface parser.
  • [OPENNAAS-961] – Creation of an ACL DB
  • [OPENNAAS-962] – Define sample ACLs in Spring security DB (on boot)
  • [OPENNAAS-963] – Use spring security within OpenNaaS – secure WS
  • [OPENNAAS-964] – Insert ACL engine used in HelloWorld into OpenNaaS
  • [OPENNAAS-966] – Create an ACLManager (CRUD ACLs) it may use ACLService
  • [OPENNAAS-967] – Create ACLManagerDAO that updates the DB
  • [OPENNAAS-968] – Export its API through OSGiService Registry and OpenNaaS WS
  • [OPENNAAS-978] – I want VCPEmanager to filter resources by READ permission
  • [OPENNAAS-979] – VCPEManager to automatically create permissions for VCPEs at creation
  • [OPENNAAS-980] – VCPEManager to automatically create permissions for LRs at VCPE creation
  • [OPENNAAS-982] – Deep copy of the VCPENetworkModel
  • [OPENNAAS-983] – Implement getUserFilteredVCPEModel()
  • [OPENNAAS-989] – Installation of OpenStack network (Quantum)


You can get more information on download or getting the source code in the OpenNaaS download page

Documentation and user support

There are two previous posts that explain how to deploy a vCPE and how to operate the vCPE factory web application that will be useful to anyone interested in OpenNaaS.

Please check the rest of documentation here.

Don’t hesitate to use our mailing lists if you need support

Bug reporting

Mantychore FP7 project members can issue a bug ticket directly at:!default.jspa