OpenNaaS 0.19 released

The OpenNaaS development team is proud to announce the OpenNaaS 0.19 release.

During this period of time, the development team had three main goals:

  • integrate authentication within OpenNaaS architecture
  • start adoption of IPv6
  • improvements and correction of bugs

The authentication is needed for the demarcation in UC2 and support of IPv6 was an issue that was needed to be addressed at some point, but a request from customer has pushed forward this task.

There were also some bugs and improvements reported that have been solved or updated, in order to have a more user-friendly environment and setup.

Known issues

Change in descriptors! The adoption of IPv6 in router resource has brought a change in the capabilities. Now, there is one capability called IP instead of the “old” capability IPv4. If you use an old descriptor an error message like the following will appear in your platform when trying to start the resource xxx: “[ERROR] Cannot start resource router:xxx: Factory not found for capabilities of type: ipv4”.

It has been found a problem with a timeout when creating a new vCPE. It might occur that after finishing the creation of a vCPE a message error could appear saying that “the virtual CPE coulnd’t be created because it already exists”. That’s not exactly true and the new VCPE can be accessed by ommiting the error message and clicking the home button. The vCPE created will appear in the menu and it can be setup without any further problem.

Following you will find the complete list of changes, together with instructions for getting and using the release.

Release Notes – OpenNaaS – Version OpenNaaS 0.19


  • [OPENNAAS-905] – SPF does not always return mapping with shortest path links



  • [OPENNAAS-931] – As an OpenNaaS administrator I want only authenticated users to access resources
  • [OPENNAAS-933] – Support IPv6 in router resource

Technical task


You can get more information on download or getting the source code in the OpenNaaS download page

Documentation and user support

There are two previous posts that explain how to deploy a vCPE and how to operate the vCPE factory web application that will be useful to anyone interested in OpenNaaS.

Please check the rest of documentation here.

Don’t hesitate to use our mailing lists if you need support

Bug reporting

Mantychore FP7 project members can issue a bug ticket directly at:!default.jspa