OpenNaaS 0.16 Released

The OpenNaaS development team is proud to announce the OpenNaaS 0.16 release.

Release 0.16 main features are the addition of more functionalities to the vCPE GUI like changing VRRP priority or VRRP virtual IP address on routers, the creation of better vCPE GUI validations, the improvement of vCPE GUI user experience and the addition of loopback interfaces support. Minor bugs detected and corrected as well.

Note that this release include the WAR container of the GUI client to manage vCPE using OpenNaaS. We are preparing a blog post explaining how to deploy and run this client. Please check the news section the following week.

Following you will find the complete list of changes, together with instructions for getting and using the release.

Release Notes – OpenNaaS – Version OpenNaaS 0.16


  • [OPENNAAS-779] – resource:start doesn’t describe problem if cannot start


  • [OPENNAAS-614] – Configure loopback interfaces via Logical Router
  • [OPENNAAS-785] – As a GUI user I want to see all the lines connected in create view
  • [OPENNAAS-786] – As a GUI user I want adjustments in the “Create” button behaviour
  • [OPENNAAS-794] – Blend together vCPE models (OpenNaaS – GUI)
  • [OPENNAAS-798] – As a GUI user I want changes to be made in Client box
  • [OPENNAAS-804] – As a GUI developer I want to be able to change VRRP configuration atomically

Technical task

  • [OPENNAAS-615] – Add test unitary to test template
  • [OPENNAAS-787] – Create button has to be disabled until all data in the form is correct
  • [OPENNAAS-788] – Change text in “create” button when user is in edit view
  • [OPENNAAS-795] – Discussion about the changes in model
  • [OPENNAAS-796] – Change VCPE model and propagate changes in OpenNaaS
  • [OPENNAAS-797] – Change VCPE model and propagate changes in GUI
  • [OPENNAAS-806] – Add new capability in vCPE builder to edit VRRP priority
  • [OPENNAAS-807] – Create new VRRP method – update IP address
  • [OPENNAAS-808] – Create new VRRP method – change priority
  • [OPENNAAS-809] – VRRP tests
  • [OPENNAAS-810] – Complete VRRP parser
  • [OPENNAAS-811] – Remove BGP configuration
  • [OPENNAAS-812] – Create loopback interfaces to make BGP work
  • [OPENNAAS-814] – Add loopback interfaces to vCPE builder


You can get more information on download or getting the source code in the OpenNaaS download page

Documentation and user support

Please check our documentation here.

Don’t hesitate to use our mailing lists if you need support

Bug reporting

Mantychore FP7 project members can issue a bug ticket directly at:!default.jspa