OpenNaaS 0.15 Released

The OpenNaaS development team is proud to announce the OpenNaaS 0.15 release.

Release 0.15 was presented in IEEE CloudCom 2012 in Taipei, Taiwan last December 4th. It completes the GUI introduced on last release by adding new protocols to the vCPE configuration: BGP and VRRP. It also includes an improved error handling that checks if interfaces and VLANs are available and a representation of the physical layout necessary to create a vCPE.

In order to run the new GUI and create a vCPE you need to have the physical infraestructure with an specific setup. A vCPE needs a master router and a backup router, both connecting to the client-end using autoBAHN. The following resources, as an example, will need to be added to OpenNaaS before attempting to create a vCPE.

resource:create $descriptors.path/myre.descriptor
protocols:context router:myre netconf password ssh://
resource:start router:myre

resource:create $descriptors.path/cpe1-gsn.descriptor
protocols:context router:cpe1-gsn netconf password ssh://
resource:start router:cpe1-gsn

resource:create $descriptors.path/autobahn.descriptor
protocols:context bod:autobahn autobahn noauth
resource:start bod:autobahn

Following you will find the complete list of changes, together with instructions for getting and using the release.

Release Notes – OpenNaaS – Version OpenNaaS 0.15


  • [OPENNAAS-731] – Handle errors at GUI level when OpenNaaS cannot complete execution
  • [OPENNAAS-748] – Check if resources are available before commiting changes
  • [OPENNAAS-771] – Move the create and start VCPENetwork


  • [OPENNAAS-20] – As a user I want to configure VRRP on an interface
  • [OPENNAAS-541] – Add BGP support to CIM model
  • [OPENNAAS-742] – As a GUI user I want to have a map to see and edit vCPEs
  • [OPENNAAS-744] – As a GUI user I want a template that set ups vCPE UC1 scenario
  • [OPENNAAS-749] – As a user I want know if a given resource is available

Technical task


You can get more information on download or getting the source code in the OpenNaaS download page

Documentation and user support

Please check our documentation here.

Don’t hesitate to use our mailing lists if you need support

Bug reporting

Mantychore FP7 project members can issue a bug ticket directly at:!default.jspa