OpenNaaS workshop at Terena

Dear reader,

The Mantychore project team ( ) would like to invite you to attend our workshop “OpenNaaS, a toolkit for IP Networks as a Service” on Sunday May 20th prior to the TNC2012 Conference in Háskólabíó – University Cinema, Reykjavik, Iceland.

Mantychore is  currently producing a tool to automate the generation of IP networks within the framework of Network as a Service called: OpenNaaS.

During the workshop we will lay out our agenda to promote active engagement with any potential OpenNaaS users to meet your business needs with an emphasis on practical implementations. The OpenNaaS technical developments may be influenced by your business needs, so we wish to hear about your business needs. Furthermore we want to establish a relation with you so we may communicate as development work progresses.

There is no charge for this Workshop, you can view the agenda and register on the following page: