OpenNaaS 0.9 Released

The OpenNaaS development team is proud to announce the OpenNaaS 0.9 Release.

This release has achieved AutoBAHN support, allowing OpenNaaS to act as an AutoBAHN client in order to provision bandwidth on demand circuits. It is also a step towards exporting OpenNaaS functionality through webservices, although this goal is not completely achieved yet.

New key features include:

  • Support for AutoBAHN
  • Resource capabilities having webservice exportable interfaces.
  • Webservice skeleton (SOAP based) exporting chassis capability functionality.

Internal code quality has improved in this release also, thanks to collapsing some bundles and removing code duplication, mainly in tests, helpers, and mocks.

Following you will find the complete list of changes, together with instructions for getting and using the release.

Hope you enjoy it!

Complete release changes:

Complete list of changes is just below:



  • [OPENNAAS-305] – QueueManager Capability refactor
  • [OPENNAAS-307] – Pretask for WS: Merge pull requests for Model (with WS ) and itest
  • [OPENNAAS-308] – Upload to Github the CXF client, which is a separate maven project


  • [OPENNAAS-284] – As a user I want to call a BoD service so that I can provision links

Technical task

  • [OPENNAAS-99] – Mov required helpers to OpenNaaS
  • [OPENNAAS-107] – Get rid of test helpers duplication
  • [OPENNAAS-258] – Deploy sample CXF service (prototype)
  • [OPENNAAS-273] – Implement WS facade
  • [OPENNAAS-276] – Re-structure capabilities design (ICapability, ICapabilityLifecycle, AbstractCapability, functional interfaces)
  • [OPENNAAS-277] – Adapt each existing capability to new design and define its interface
  • [OPENNAAS-290] – export whole model in web services wsdl
  • [OPENNAAS-311] – QueueManager Capability refactor
  • [OPENNAAS-312] – 1-Merge pull requests for WS ,Model. 2-Pull request for itest and merge
  • [OPENNAAS-314] – Upload CXF client


You can get more information on download or getting the source code in the download page

Documentation and user support

Please check our documentation here.

Don’t hesitate to use our mailing lists if you are willing for support

Bug reporting

Mantychore FP7 project members can issue a bug ticket directly at:!default.jspa

However, it doesn’t allows for anonymous access yet. While we sort this out, feedback will be handled in the mailing list.