Welcome to OpenNaaS!

What is OpenNaaS?

OpenNaaS is an open source platform for provisioning network resources. It allows the deployment and automated configuration of dynamic network infrastructures and defines a vendor-independent interface to access services provided by these resources.

OpenNaaS provides support for a variety of resources such as optical switches, routers, IP networks and BoD-domains, but, more importantly, it is easy to add new resources and their capabilities as an extension.

Why use OpenNaaS?

On top of OpenNaaS applications can be built easily and deployed dynamically, each having their own access and network resource usage patterns.


You could be interested in OpenNaaS if you are

  1. an Infrastructure Provider,
  2. a Service Provider or
  3. an End-User.

We designed OpenNaaS to facilitate your work! OpenNaaS is a platform to solve your day-to-day problems. And it is extensible to be able to to evolve into the tool you desire. If you are curious about what OpenNaaS can do for you, click the button below to…


As a developer there are different ways to get started. You could

  1. download and read the source code,
  2. follow a how-to to get to know the structures or
  3. directly start to develop your own functionality.

It is very easy to contribute, especially using our tutorials. All the information you need to start is at one click distance…


Who is OpenNaaS?

Most importantly, you! OpenNaaS is an open community, which is steadily growing. Although the core development team is part of  Professional Services of the DANA department at i2CAT Foundation, OpenNaaS is driven by the needs of its stakeholders. Whether you are an infrastructure or service provider, a user or a developer. Join our community and participate in creating the ultimate NaaS experience!